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End of Lease Nissan

The different options offered by Nissan

To return your Nissan vehicle when your lease expires, several choices are available to you. Let’s examine them together.

Buy or lease a new Nissan vehicle

When you return your current vehicle, you can purchase or lease a new Nissan vehicle. The Nissan Canada Finance Loyalty Program makes this option really interesting. Visit the « Additional Information » section to learn more.

Buy your rental car

You can also decide to keep your current vehicle and buy it. This way, you will only have the predetermined purchase price to pay, i.e. the residual value indicated in your lease contract, and possibly the incidental costs; for example sales tax, all safety standards, emissions and other required certification, vehicle registration fees, etc. In addition, you will not have to worry about potential excess kilometer charges, or possible wear and tear costs. See the « Inspection » section for more details on these charges.

In case you need financing, Nissan Canada Finance can help you, on approved credit. Contact HGregoire Nissan Chomedey at (450) 682-4400 for details.

Return your vehicle

If you simply want to return your Nissan vehicle, we will accompany you throughout the grounding process, to make the transition as simple and pleasant as possible.


To know the steps involved in the process of grounding your vehicle, read on.

Wear and tear guidebook

The first step will be the mailing of Nissan Canada Finance wear and tear guidebook, which tells you what is normal and excessive wear, according to their standards. You will receive it six months before the end of your lease contract; you will then have the opportunity to do your own checking, before the inspection that will be made during the grounding. If so required, HGregoire Nissan Chomedey can make the necessary repairs, which will help you avoid excess wear & tear costs. For more details about the inspection, refer to the « Inspection » step.

Notice of expiry

You will receive a letter 30 days before the end of your Nissan lease. It will be time for you to schedule an appointment with HGregoire Nissan Chomedey to hand over your vehicle, whether you rent your vehicle here or at another Nissan location. We will do everything we can to make this as easy and simple this should be!

Grounding of your Nissan vehicle

During your appointment, we will proceed to the grounding of your vehicle, that is to say that it will be registered on our internal website. A grounding receipt, signed by you and your advisor indicating that your vehicle return was successfully completed, will be sent to Nissan Canada Finance’s offices.


An independent company has been contracted by Nissan Canada Finance to perform an electronic inspection of the returned vehicles. Authorized AutoVin inspectors will assess the damage and wear & tear of your vehicle. The inspection will be done within 48 hours after the grounding. Nissan Canada Finance will compare the results with its predefined wear and tear standards and will contact you if additional fees are required due to excessive wear.

Additional Information

Nissan Canada Finance Loyalty Program

As a loyal customer, you and your immediate family residing at the same address are eligible for the Loyalty Program; this is the case if you are already renting or financing a vehicle with Nissan Canada Finance, or if you own a 2009 Nissan vehicle or newer. Each eligible person must hold a valid driver’s license.

Special offers

The lease expiry notice sent to you will also contain the special offers to which you will be entitled if you choose to buy or lease a new vehicle.

Refunds and payments

You will receive your security deposit refund within 15 business days following the confirmation of the return of your vehicle, or the receipt of certified funds for the purchase of your vehicle.

Your last payment is usually due 30 days before the expiry of your lease. If you have changed your payment dates, please confirm by contacting our Nissan Canada Finances Customer Service Department at 1-800-268-6499.

Changing the due date

It may be possible to extend the lease of your vehicle on the due date, or to return or purchase your vehicle before your contract ends. In the latter case, however, a penalty may apply. For more information, you can contact Nissan Canada Finances Customer Service or our Remarketing department at 1-800-268-6499.

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